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  • Learn more about barriers faced by trans people in Quebec by playing GenderQuest: a trans choose-your-own-adventure game! Many thanks to Morgan Page for creating it! http://genderadvocacy.org/genderquest.html
  • Join us this Thursday for I Hear You Loud & Queer: talking consent in the queer male community!
  • Curious about what the Centre for Gender Advocacy has been up to this year? 
Thinking of getting involved?

Have a passion for social justice, feminist action and initiatives that fight against racial and gendered violence?

Come to our Annual General Meeting!

Wednesday, April 5th @ 6pm
Concordia University - Hall Building, room 762

  • On February 14th, skip the commercialized celebration of romantic love and come demand real justice for missing and murdered women! http://bit.do/missing-justice [Image description: Poster for event featuring an illustration of an Indigenous woman in profile with a look of determination. In the background we see the ocean (for healing), cedar branches (for protection), sweet grass (for protection and healing) and a feather (for hope). Event details here: http://bit.do/missing-justice]

#MMIW #Montreal #MissingJusice #CentreForGenderAdvocacy
  • Spill: A Story Circle Ceremony led by Alexis Gumb & Rachel Zellars is happening tomorrow...and this baby knows it.

@H-763 Hall Building, Concordia University at 6PM.
  • This Wed. Nov 9 @18h at H-763, Hall Building, Concordia University. 
Spill: A Story Circle Ceremony led by Alexis Pauline Gumbs & Rachel Zellars

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